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Welcome to AMDA Studio Rentals. These studios are operated in conjunction with AMDA’s performing arts training programs. We aim to maintain a creative, professional and friendly environment for clients and students alike. We appreciate your cooperation and participation in our community.




  • Please be aware that AMDA Studio Rentals is a private facility. When using our facility, please work within the policies below, and the terms of the rental agreement above.

  • Please note, all activities are at your own risk. 

  • Please make sure to pay in advance. Fees are due before your rental starts! All payments and deposits are final.

  • Please, no cancellations or modifications within 48 hours of your rental start-time.

  • Prior to each rental, please check-in at the 12th floor reception desk. Upon payment, you will be given a security keycard in exchange for your photo ID. The keycard must be returned at the end of your rental.

  • Please enter and exit your studio on time. Preparation and wrap-up must be included in your rental time.

  • Please don't smoke anywhere in the facility. Roof access is for emergency evacuation only.

  • Please remove all trash and recyclables from the studio. 

  • Moving pianos can be dangerous. Please do not remove pianos from studios, or put food or beverages on pianos.

  • Public presentations or performances are not permitted.

  • Video production is by permission only. Studios are to be used “as is”.

  • No tape on the floor or walls, please. Please do not post signs or store anything at the studios.

  • Stage combat weapons are not allowed.

  • Unfortunately, percussion, brass, woodwind or amplified instruments are not allowed.

  • Please don't use microphones or your own speakers. Speakers are available in designated studios.

  • Please do not throw furniture or other objects, bang on the walls or stomp on the floors.

  • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades, hover-boards etc. are not permitted in the building.

  • Animals are not allowed in the facility (licensed service animals by permission only).

  • Your rental activities must take place inside your rental studio – hallways are for waiting and quiet preparation.

  • If you arrive early, please limit the wait time before your rental to less than 30 minutes, and leave promptly when finished.

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